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Operation Big : The Race to Stop Hitler's A-Bomb £20.00Blue Dahlia Part One of In the Garden Trilogy £8.99Black Rose  Part Two of In the Garden Trilogy £8.99Red Lily  Part Three of In the Garden Trilogy £8.99Fun of he Fifties £12.99Death of an Owl by Paul Torday £14.99First Day Of The  Somme by Andrew Macdonald £15.99The Lost Tommies £40.00One Hundred Answers from Spirit : Britain's Greatest Medium's Answers the Great Questions of Life and Death £10.99Best of Both Worlds : The Autobiography of the World's Greatest Living Medium £9.99Blood And  Fears £25.00Medicine’s Strangest Cases by Michael O’Donnell £7.99 Why Vote Leave £9.99Major and Mrs Holts Definitive Battlefield Guide £16.99The First Day on the Somme £9.99Gustav Sonata £16.99Long Weekend: Life In The English Country House Between The Wars £25.00

 Kick: The  True Story Of Kick Kennedy, JFK’s Forgotten Sister And The Heir To Chatsworth  £20.00Last Dance in Havana £7.99East West Street £20.00In the Kitchen : 120 Favourite Recipes for Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Picnics and Parties £17.99A Stain In The  Blood £20.00Eggs or Anarchy? by William Sitwell £20.00
 L'Art de la Simplicite : How to Live More with Less £12.99Elizabeth: The Forgotten Years £25.00My Name is Leon £12.99Art of Being Brilliant £9.99Tips from Widowers £8.99Tips from Widows £8.99
  An Estate car named desire by Martin Gurdon £12.99Phil Vickery's Essential Gluten-Free : 175 Recipes That Will Revolutionise Your Diet in Association with Coeliac UK £19.99The Diet Myth : The Real Science Behind What We Eat £8.99Great British Sewing Bee: From Stitch to Style £25.00Clean Eating AliceThe Body Bible by Alice Liveing £14.99The Age Fix £14.99
 The Wicked Boy : The Mystery of a Victorian Child Murderer £16.99Jaguar All the Cars £40.00Zero K £16.99Serious Sweet £17.99A Life Discarded : 148 Diaries Found in a Skip £12.99This Must Be The Place £18.99
 Under Italian Skies £12.99In Your Forties £6.99In Your Fifties £6.99In Your Sixties £6.99In Your Seventies £6.99Little Book of Trumpisms £4.99
 The View from the Corner Shop by Kathleen Hey £7.99Secrets of the Sewing Bee £6.99Tuesday Nights In 1980 £12.99The Girl with the Golden Hair £16.99The Nest £12.99LaRose £18.99
 Graveyard Of The Hesperides by Lindsey Davis £18.99Six Tudor Queens I: Katherine Of Aragon, The True Queen by Alison Weir Headline Review, £18.99Love you Dead £20.00Ravenspur: Rise Of The Tudors by Conn Iggulden £18.99Eric Lanlard’s Afternoon Tea £20.00Pier Falls £16.99 Published 5th May
 Lean For Life by Louise Parker £20.00Penguins and Other Sea Birds £10.00Do Birds Have Knees? by Stephen Moss £12.991966 and All That! £12.99Up with the Lark : My Life on the Land £8.99Sisters of the Somme £9.99
 Fighter Pilot by Paul Richey £9.99Last Act of Love £7.99Rogue Lawyer £7.99Fingers In The Sparkle Jar £20.00Justice for Joan £11.95The Girls £7.99
 David Bowie: Starman: A Colouring Book £9.99Proof of Angels by Ptolemy Tompkins £9.99Weekend Baker £20.00Those we Left Behind £7.99All Things Cease To Appear £16.99
 Long Time Lost £12.99Miracle by Amanda Leask £12.99Angels Whisper in My Ear : Incredible Stories of Hope and Love from the Angels £10.99Raise Your Vibration by Kyle Gray £9.99According to Yes £7.99Girl on the Train £7.99
 Dead Of Winter £8.99For the Glory : The Life of Eric Liddell £20.00The Worlds of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson : The Story Behind International Rescue £25.00Reversing Diabetes by Dr Alan Barclay £14.99Victorian Convicts : 100 Criminal Lives £19.99Now the War is Over £6.99
 Constant Queen £20.00Make Me  £7.99Time to Die £13.99Die Of Shame £18.99A 1950s Housewife : Marriage and Homemaking in the 1950s £9.99The Amber Shadows by Lucy Ribchester £7.99London A to Z: Gift Book £6.95
 The Co-Op's Got Bananas : A Memoir of Growing Up in the Post-War North £16.99Odes for Oldies £7.99Giles Collection 2016 Available Now £8.99Odes for Grandparents £7.99My Map of You £7.99
 Time in Between : A Memoir of Hunger and Hope £8.99Taming of the Queen £7.99Hitman Anders and the Meaning of it All £8.99Restoration : 1666: A Year in Britain £20.00Marriages are Made in Bond Street : True Stories from a 1940s Marriage Bureau £16.99Once a Saint : An Actor's Memoir £20.00
 Girl in the Spider's Web £7.99Alert £7.99Dodgers £14.99Pretty Girls £7.99House At The Edge Of Night £12.99Keep Me Posted £10.99
 Bones of You by Debbie Howells £7.99Splinter The Silence £7.99Warriors Of The Storm £7.99The Santangelos £7.99Fool me Once £18.99Pier Falls £16.99 Published 5th May
 That Girl From Nowhere £7.99Dictator £12.99Wars Of The Roses: Bloodline £7.99Tightrope £8.99Crow Girl  £16.99The Mandibles: A Family, 2029-2047 £16.99
 Maestra  £12.99All at Sea £16.99The Weekend Baker £25.00Five Rivers Meet On A Wooded Plain £12.99 Gun Room £16.99Hurley Maker’s Son: A Memoir £14.99
 Reversing Diabetes by Dr Alan Barclay £14.99Reverse your Diabetes Diet £10.99Formula One and Beyond £9.99Heat: Extreme Adventures At The Highest Temperatures On Earth £7.99Sunlight Pilgrims £12.99Not Working by Lisa Owens £12.99
 The Quite Very Actual Adventures of Worzel Wooface £8.99Charlie : The Dog Who Came in from the Wild £10.99Trusting Calvin : How a Dog Helped Heal a Holocaust Survivor's Heart £8.95Strawberry Girl £12.99Storm Sister £7.99Natural Solutions To PCOS £12.99
 Ragged Rose by Dilly Court £6.99Buffer Girls by Margaret Dickinson £6.99Carpenter's Daughter by Gloria Cook £5.99Now The War Is Over by Annie Murray £6.99Shop Girls Of Chapel Street by Jenny Holmes £6.99Fever At Dawn  £12.99Marriages Are Made In Bond Street: True Stories From A 1940s Marriage Bureau £16.99
 Nice Work (If You Can Get It) by Celia Imrie £12.99Happy Hack £8.99Annabel Karmel’s Busy Mum’s Cookbook £20.00Your Pace or Mine : What Running Taught Me About Life, Laughter and Coming Last £9.99Safe Passage by Ida Cook with a foreword by Anne Sebba £8.99Little Warrior by Giuseppe Catozella £12.99
 Return to the Little Coffe Shop of Kabul £7.99It’s on the Meter by Paul Archer and Johno Ellison £8.99Dodgers £14.99The Making of India : The Untold Story of British Enterprise £25.00The Missing £7.99The One in a Million Boy £12.99
 Keep Moving: And Other Tips and Truths about Aging, by Dick Van Dyke & Todd Gold £17.99Terry Wogan: A Life of Laughter £7.99Proof of Angels by Ptolemy Tompkins £9.99Proof of Heaven by Dr Eben Alexander £13.99The Long Night by Ernst Israel Bornstein  (RRP £12.99)  Express Offer price £10.998 Week Blood Sugar Diet £8.99
 Mum Hacks : Time-Saving Tips to Calm the Chaos of Family Life £9.99I Love Shakespeare : 400 Fantastic Facts £10.00Once Upon a Time in the West...Country £8.99Dog Soldiers : Love, Loyalty and Sacrifice on the Front Line £12.99James Dean - Tomorrow Never Comes, by Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince. Published on July 1, 2016 £17.99Summer Nights At The Moonlight Hotel by Jane Costello £7.99
 Color the Natural World £8.99Pompomania : 30 Cute and Characterful Pompoms £10.00Song Of The Skylark by Erica James £14.99A House Full Of Daughters £16.99An Affair With My Mother £14.99Freya £14.99
 But You Did Not Come Back £12.99If This Is A Woman: Inside Ravensbruck: Hitler’s Concentration Camp For Women £10.99Iris Grace £16.99How to be Happy (or at Least Less Sad) : A Creative Workbook £8.9910 keys to happier living by Vanessa King. £12.99Saving Anne the Elephant £12.99Summer Before The War £14.99
 The Wit and Wisdom of Winston Churchill £9.99Spit and Polish : Old-Fashioned Ways to Banish Dirt, Dust and Decay £12.99Ministers at War : Winston Churchill and His War Cabinet, 1940-1945 £9.99British Nannies and the Great War by Louise Heren (Pen and Sword, £19.99)The 24-Hour Wine Expert £4.99Gunner Girl by Clare Harvey £7.99Behind Closed Doors £7.99
 Anatomy of a Soldier by Harry Parker £14.99Bedside Book of Final Words Paperback £7.99Sod Sixty! : The Guide to Living Well £12.99Able Seacat Simon : The Wartime Hero of the High Seas £9.99Escape, Evasion and Revenge £12.99The Infinite Air £9.99Making Cars at Longbridge : 1905 to the Present Day £17.99
 Plant Lore and Legend : The Wisdom and Wonder of Plants and Flowers Revealed £9.99Amazing & Extraordinary Facts about the English Countryside by Ruth Blinney £9.99How I Met my Son £8.998 Week Blood Sugar Diet £8.99Things I Wish I'd Known : Women Tell the Truth About Motherhood £7.99Dogs of courage: When Britain’s pet’s went to war 1939- 1945  £7.99 (Published 25th February)
 Channel Shore : From the White Cliffs to Land's End £8.99 Published 11th FebruaryBarging Round Britain : Exploring the History of Our Nation's Canals and Waterways £9.99Haynes Cutaway Colouring Book £6.99The Queen at 90 : A Royal Birthday Souvenir £7.00Long to Reign Over Us : Official Souvenir Album £14.95Jumpin Jack Flash : David Litvinoff and the Rock'n'Roll Underworld £16.99
 Sod it! Eat Well : Healthy Eating in Your 60s, 70s and Beyond £12.99 Published 14th JanuaryKamikaze Hunters : Fighting for the Pacific, 1945 £20.00Man vs Ocean : A Toaster Salesman Who Sets Out to Swim the World's Deadliest Oceans and Change His Life for Ever £17.99Utterly Lost in Translation : Even More Misadventures in English Abroad £9.99Life and Times of Mickey Rooney by William J Birnes & Richard A Lertzman £20.00 published 22nd Octoberpeer : Hitler's Architect £20.00Romanovs: 1613-1918  £25.00
 To Oldly Go : Tales of Intrepid Travel by the Over-60s £10.99Golf Stole my Brain and other Strange tales £12.99Hercules the Bear £12.99What the British Invented : From the Great to the Downright Bonkers £12.99Mayday! : A History of Flight Through its Martyrs, Oddballs, and Daredevils £7.99Outwitting Squirrels : And Other Garden Pests and Nuisances £7.99Coxkney Rhyming Slang: The language of London by Daniel Smith £7.99 Published 23rd August
 Real Deal : The Autobiography of Britain's Most Controversial Media Mogul £20.00Amy's Baking Year £14.99Jeff Lynne : Electric Light Orchestra - Before and After £16.99Over The Top And Back: The Autobiography  £20.00 Published 10th October Pre Order Now From Yellow Star to Pop Star : An Inspirational Story of Survival and Success £8.99Tales from a Young Vet Mad Cows, Crazy Kittens, and All Creatures Big and Small £7.99Life and Times of Mickey Rooney by William J Birnes & Richard A Lertzman £20.00 published 22nd October