An Austin Anthology by James 'Jim' Stringer

9781787111912 Veloce

An Estate Car Named Desire by Martin Gurdon

9780715651674 Gerald Duckworth

An Incredible Journey : The Lost World of the 1930s Circled by Two Men in One Small Car by Max Reisch

9781787111653 Veloce

Anatomy of the Classic Mini : The Definitive Guide to Original Components and Interchangeability by Mark Huthbert

9781845842239 Veloce

Ayrton Senna: The Last Night

9788857231532 Skira

Behind the Scenes in the Vintage Years by Richard Bourne

9781785898525 Matador

Bentley 4 1/2 Litre by Ian Wagstaff

9781785210709 Haynes

British Cafe Racers by Uli Cloesen

9781845848965 Veloce

British Forces Motorcycles 1925-1945 by Chris Madden

9780750970235 History Press

BSA Motorcycles - The Final Evolution by Brad Jones

9781845846473 Veloce

Cars We Loved in the 1950s by Giles Chapman

9780750961004 History Press

Cars We Loved in the 1960s by Giles Chapman

9780752494319 History Press

Cars We Loved in the 1970s by Giles Chapman

9780752494326 History Press

Cars We Loved in the 1980s Giles Chapman

9780750958455 History Press

Classic Car Book : The Definitive Visual History by Giles Chapman

9780241240489 Dorling Kindersley
Published 1st September 2016 You may pre-order this book and it will be charged and despatched on publication

Diecast Toy Cars of the 1950s & 1960s by Andrew Ralston

9781787111172 Veloce

Donald Campbell - 300+ A Speed Odyssey by David De Lara

9780750970082 History Press

F1 Retro: 1980 by Mark Hughes

9781999748104 Motor Sport

Ford GT40 Manual

9780857331144 Haynes

Formula 1 Car by Car 1960-69 by Peter Higham

9781910505182 Evro Books

Formula 1: Car by Car 1970-79 by Peter Higham

9781910505229 Evro Publishing

Formula One and Beyond : The Autobiography by Max Mosley

9781471150203 Simon and Schuster

France The Essential Guide for Car Enthusiasts : 200 Things for the Car Enthusiast to See and Do by Julian Parrish

9781787110571 Veloce

Grand Prix Ferrari: The Years of Enzo Ferrari's Power, 1948-1980 Anthony Pritchard

9781845846237 Veloce

Grand Tour Guide to the World

9780008257859 Harper Collins

How to Build a Car : The Autobiography of the World's Greatest Formula 1 Designer by Adrian Newey

9780008196806 Harper Collins

How to Build Your Own Engine Coffee Table by Gergely Bajzath

9781845848842 Veloce

Jaguar - All the Cars by Nigel Thorley

9781845848101 Veloce
4th Revised Edition

Jaguar C-Type : The Autobiography of XKC 051 : 9 by Chas Parker and Philip Porter

9781907085468 Porter Press

Jaguar D-Type Owners' Workshop Manual : 1954 Onwards by Chas Parker

9781785210785 J H Haynes

Jaguar Lightweight E-Type : The Autobiography of 49 FXN by Philip Porter James Page

9781907085208 Porter Press

Jim Clark: The BEst of the best by David Tremayne

9781910505168 Evro

Land Rover Defender by Mike Gould

9781781316283 Aurum Press

Le Mans : The Official History of the World's Greatest Motor Race by Quentin Spurring

9781910505137 Evro Publishing

Little book of Campervan

9781907803031 G2 Entertainment

Little Book of Land Rover

9781782812920 G2 Entertainment

Little Book of Mini

9781782812418 G2 Entertainment

Lotus 18 : The Autobiography of Stirling Moss's '912' by Ian Wagstaff

9781907085031 Porter Press

Mercedes-Benz SLK : R170 Series 1996-2004 Brian Long

9781845846510 Veloce

MG, Made in Abingdon : Echoes from the shopfloor by Bob Frampton

9781787112681 Veloce

Motor Racing Heroes : The Stories of 100 Greats by Robert Newman

9781845847487 Veloce

Motorcycling in the '50s by Jeff Clew

9781787110991 Veloce

Reliant Robin : Britain's Most Bizarre Car by Giles Chapman

9780750967594 History Press Ltd

Sox Gary Hocking the forgotten World Motorcycle Champiuon by Roger Hughes

9781845848620 Veloce

Story of the Car by Giles Chapman

9781526360267 Wren and Rook

Tales of Triumph Motorcycles and the Meriden Factory by Hughie Hancox

9781901295672 Veloce

The First Three Shelby Cobras : The Sports Cars That Changed the Game : 3 by

9781907085550 Porter Press

This Day in Automotive History by Brian Corey

9781787110687 Veloce

Tinplate Toy Cars of the 1950s & 1960s from Japan : The Collector's Guide by Andrew Ralston

9781787111202 Veloce

To Boldly Go Twenty Six Vehicle Designs That Dared to be Different by Graham Hull

9781787110021 Veloce

Total Competition Lessons in Strategy from Formula One by Ross Brawn

9781471162381 Simon and Schuster

Triumph & Standard Cars 1945 to 1984 : A Pictorial History by Kevin Warrington

9781787110779 Veloce

Triumph 350 & 500 Twins by Peter Henshaw

9781845847555 Veloce

Triumph Bonneville - The Essential Buyer's Guide by Peter Henshaw

9781845841348 Veloce

Triumph Bonneville Bible (59-83) by Peter Henshaw

9781845843984 Veloce

Triumph Trophy & Tiger by Peter Henshaw

9781845846091 Veloce

Vespa - The Story of a Cult Classic in Pictures by Gunther Uhlig

9781845847906 Veloce

Vincent Motorcycles : The Untold Story Since 1946 by Guyony Phillips

9781845849023 Veloce

Volvo Estate : Design Icon & Faithful Companion by Ashley Hollebone

9781787110755 Veloce

World According to Foggy by Carl Fogarty

9781472252418 Headline
Published 19th April