How to Talk to Angels : A Practical Guide to Asking for Guidance, Comfort and Strength by Lucinda Gabriel

9780738750484 Llewellyn Publications,U.S.
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Manifest the wonderful life you deserve and desire with the help of angels. This straightforward and accessible book shows you how to invite divine beings into your daily life and benefit from their loving presence and guidance. With easy-to-follow techniques and practical exercises, How to Talk to Angels guides you in connecting with angels who are more than willing to help improve your health and increase the love, abundance, and gratitude in your life.

Develop your clairs and the ability to sense angelic signs all around you. Discover your heart s desires and how to attract what you want through meditation and prayer. Learn ways to release fear, raise your self-esteem, forgive yourself and others, and take divinely guided actions.

With angels by your side, you ll create a life beyond your wildest dreams.