World's Worst Cars by Craig Cheetham

9781782743651 Amber Books


The annals of motoring history are riddled with heroic failures: cars that could have been great and should have been great, were it not for the circumstances surrounding their birth. Then there are theduds: cars that should never have made it past the prototype stage, but were pushed into production by cost-cutting committees chasing a quick profit.

The World’s Worst Cars takes a detailed look at these motoring mistakes – old and new – and asks the pertinent questions. Why did they ever reach the showrooms? What went wrong? Why were they sounreliable, and what kind of person actually bought them?

From East Germany’s Trabant to the DeLorean, each car is illustrated with full-colour studio hotography, annotated to show particularly bad, dangerous or ugly features. Informed and (mostly) affectionate text, written by a motoring expert, brings each car and its history to life, alongside archive images from the car’s ‘heyday’. Featuring more than 150 of the cars that we love to hate, this book is the perfect celebration of the world’s worst automobiles.