Historical Heroines : 100 Women You Should Know About by Michelle Rosenberg

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Keeping it to just 100 was a struggle. But we figured that any more miscast, missing and misunderstood women in one sitting would push you over the edge in your righteous, indignant fury. So actually, we re thinking of you.

(You're welcome). It s a broad mix as we have delved into the growing pile of women's histories and selected those gals we felt were interesting, compelling or just fun. Many will be familiar in their native countries and celebrated in folklore legend but we believe they deserve a wider audience.

There are thousands more that could have been included but it s a short book and we could only pick 100\. What unites our cast of characters is that they have all suffered being miscast, type cast or simply cast aside. So, sit back.

Read. Enjoy. And kick some butt in solidarity.