Art of Extreme Self-Care : 12 Practical and Inspiring Ways to Love Yourself More by Cheryl Richardson

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Forget face masks, herbal teas and bubble baths. This is real self-care. In the 10 years since The Art of Extreme Self-Care was first published, it has gently guided thousands to prioritize their needs and start upgrading their lives.

Designed as an action-oriented programme, each chapter challenges you to alter one behaviour that keeps getting you in trouble, one month at a time. With examples from Cheryl's personal journey of extreme self-care, you'll learn how to: - find time to do what you really want to do - release control and finally accept the help you deserve - swap toxic relationships for soul-nourishing ones - stop self-sabotage and start seeing yourself with compassion - take care of your long-term health - physical, mental and spiritual In this revised and updated edition, Cheryl also shares new resources - including websites, books and podcasts - to help you embark on your self-care journey, as well as detailed information about how to create a support group so you can start your own self-care community. Before you know it, your life will be completely transformed.