Rupert Annual 2021 : Celebrating 100 Years of Rupert

9781405296465 Egmont Books
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Completely Sold out, This annual is now out of print

 Celebrate one hundred years of Rupert Bear with this official Annual. It has been one hundred years since the birth of Rupert Bear, and he remains as popular as ever. The 2021 Annual contains a collection of carefully curated stories and activities themed around the idea of celebration, including Rupert and the Rainbow (Alfred Bestall, 1948) and Rupert and the Apple Trees (John Harrold, 1999).

It also includes a brand new story by Stuart Trotter, all about Rupert's birthday. This year, Rupert's birthday doesn't go quite as planned when Rupert and his chums find themselves in the middle of a time-travel adventure.